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Sister Marie-Ange Turcotte

Champion of Diversity

Sr. Marie-Ange Turcotte has been working for the past 20 years with the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Sudbury, Ontario, welcoming the homeless, accompanying women, and helping entire families set up apartments. On November 8, 2022 at Collége Boréal in Sudbury ON, Sister Marie received a plaque that recognizes her as a champion of diversity.  It reads, “Champion of Diversity, Marie Turcotte, for your special contribution to the reception and integration of newcomers.” 

About this recognition, Sister Marie notes, “It is in a spirit of compassion and solidarity that I am very involved with newcomers to Sudbury Ontario. They are mostly from Africa, Ukraine, Haiti and Honduras.  With the help of St. Vincent de Paul, we provide them with needed furniture and refer them to food banks. We strongly believe that these families have much to contribute to our community. On the socio-community level, they open us up to the diversity of costumes, traditions and realities of the world today. It is therefore with great happiness that we collaborate with them.”

Sister Joana Ribamar Pereira Campos 

Revealing Love within Hospital Ministry 

Sister Joana works as a technician in a hospital in Brazil and her preference is to take care of children.  In this field she has the opportunity to live the SASV mission of “revealing love in education” by listening and guiding the mothers who accompany their children.

In her local community, she is present to those around her, sharing their moments of joy and suffering. “Sharing the Word helps us to find together lights to guide our way.  We like to remember that Jesus came that we may have life and Life in abundance. (John10:10).”

Sister Rita St. Onge

Supporting English Learning 

Life-long educator in the U.S., Sister Rita St. Onge, continues a special  teaching  ministry  in  her retirement by meeting with two Spanish-speaking employees where she resides who want to learn English.  She meets with the hard-working staff members during their scheduled shift breaks. Each session is prepared with meticulous care.  Sister Rita relishes the gift of working with these two individuals as through her encounters, she is beginning to learn some Spanish.  “In giving we receive,” shares St. Francis of Assisi. Through this service, Sr. Rita is blessed in many ways: new relationships, exposure to a different culture, and language learning. 

In Loving Memory

Let us remember in prayer our dear sisters who have gone to eternal rest and now intercede for us.


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