We Serve…

We serve…

  • in Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Ecuador, and Japan
  • in schools, faith education, and retreat centers
  • within ministry and with prayer
  • attentive to where the Spirit leads us
  • attuned to the religious, social, and political problems of the day

“In keeping with a well-rooted tradition in the Congregation, the sisters give educational priority to the nurturing of faith, to the evolution of pedagogical sciences, and to the development of the arts.” – Statutes, no. 22

House of Prayer, Nicolet, Canada

Nurturing of Faith

Situated at the edge of woodlands, the House of Prayer, founded and run by Sisters of the Assumption, offers a splendid natural setting in all seasons for those who want to take a prayerful break in an atmosphere of tranquility and silence, and renew their physical and spiritual energy.

Ecuadorian teacher, Sr. Alexandra with Sr. Blandine and Sr. Carmen in Ecuador


Inspired by our Assumption spirituality of hope and by the living legacy of those who have ministered before us, we continue to serve as women religious educators called to that same love.  We do so with a passion for educating and shaping the minds and hearts of those children entrusted to our care. In a spirit of deep trust in the God of Providence we constantly seek new and creative ways of addressing the challenges of the time.

“A Day of Joy,” art work by Sr. Jeannine Durocher, sasv

Development of the Arts

“I have consecrated my life as an educator to the arts, which have for me a deep capacity to humanize another. To educate, to inform, to spread, to value and to leave traces of beauty, briefly, this summarizes my mission as an SASV artist.” – Sr. Jeannine Durocher, sasv

Sister Gisèle praying for the needs of our world.


“Those who, because of age or illness, are particularly called to the daily ministry of prayer or suffering will find in it the joy of knowing that they, too, are participating in the work of the Church.” Constitutions, no. 39

Sister Janice

Social Justice

We continue to support and partner in the work of UNANIMA International, now composed of 22 member communities of women religious in 85 countries around the world.  Significant at this time is the growing impact UNANIMA is having at the United Nations where it aims to influence, educate and work for systemic change.  This inter-congregational coalition advocates on behalf of women and children, homeless and displaced families, migrants and refugees, and the environment.  We are inspired and challenged by the efforts of this organization as we join in support of UNANIMA’s mission to achieve a more just world. 

Sr. Janice Belanger – janice.belanger918@gmail.com – is currently representing our Congregation on the board of UNANIMA International.


CATHII (Comite d’Action centre le traite humaine interne et international) is the response of Quebec women’s religious congregations to the call by USIG (International Union Superiors General) in 2001 to act together to counter the trafficking of women and children. CATHII achieves its mission through trainings, research, advocacy and consultation.

Sr. Pierrette Leclerc – leclercpierret@gmail.com – is currently representing our Congregation with CATHII.

In Loving Memory

Let us remember in prayer our dear sisters who have gone to eternal rest and now intercede for us.


Updates on the energy flowing throughout the Congregation

Chapter 2021

Our Chapter theme calls us to live as One Heart Ablaze with Hope!

House of Prayer

A place to pray and rest in the silence, founded and facilitated by the Sisters of the Assumption