We Choose…

to move forward in faith

“The Congregation finds its inspiration and its support in the grace of its beginnings. There also, it renews its faith in divine Providence relying upon the fidelity of the Spirit to keep alive the charism of faith and charity that characterizes its history.” – Constitutions, no. 3

to reveal God’s love

“Sisters of the Assumption are dedicated to a Christian educational mission in order to reveal the Father’s love to today’s youth and, as members of the Church, to promote the development of the people of God, with special concern for the poor.” – Constitutions, no. 3

to foster communion and life

“Under the guidance of the Spirit, the sisters manifest at all times a mutually benevolent concern and are lovingly present to others, sharing in their sorrow as in their joy, in their failure as in their success. Together, they develop forms of solidarity that express an ever-growing openness to the broader human community.” – Statutes, no. 19

Outdoor sculpture created by Gertrude Crête, SASV; painting by Jeanne Vanesse, SASV

to walk with Mary

“Contemplated in her earthly existence and in the glory of her Assumption, the Virgin Mary sustains our hope. We find joy in frequently praying to her who, having preceded us in faith, now accompanies us, in the footsteps of Christ, as we progress in our ascent to God.” – Constitutions, no. 30

In Loving Memory

Let us remember in prayer our dear sisters who have gone to eternal rest and now intercede for us.


Updates on the energy flowing throughout the Congregation

Chapter 2021

Our Chapter theme calls us to live as One Heart Ablaze with Hope!

House of Prayer

A place to pray and rest in the silence, founded and facilitated by the Sisters of the Assumption