We Are…

Our Past

We are a religious congregation founded in 1853, in Saint-Grégoire-le-Grand, Quebec, Canada.

A good percentage of the population of this parish at the time was made up of Acadians who had emigrated after the Great Upheaval of 1755. By a happy coincidence, when we were founded, Bishop Cooke of Trois-Rivières gave us the name: Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, who is the patroness of the Acadians.

Our first school

Founder – Jean Harper, parish priest

“I throw myself with my eyes closed into the hands of Providence, resolved to do all I can to accomplish the will of God.”

“Strengthened by his confidence in divine Providence and prompted by his unusual charity, he succeeded, together with four young women of his parish, in undertaking and firmly establishing the foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, in view of an educational mission that would have a positive impact on the Christian formation of the people entrusted to his ministry.” – Constitutions, no. 1


Léocadie Bourgeois, Mother of the Assumption

Mathilde Leduc, Mother Sainte-Marie

Hedwidge Buisson, Mother Saint-Joseph

Julie Héon, Mother of Jesus

“Let us serve the Lord well, my sisters, at death, only what we have done for Him remains.” (Mother of the Assumption, First Superior of the Congregation)

Some Dates Dear to our Hearts

1853 - 1858

1853 - Foundation in St. Grégoire (photo: convent -1856)

1858 - Death of Mother of the Assumption (photo: Mother of the Assumption)


1859 - 1900

1869 - death of Jean Harper (photo: Jean Harper)

1872 - transfer to Nicolet (photo: motherhouse - 1872)


1901 – 1950

1902 - death of Mother St. Joseph (photo: Mother St. Joseph)

1906 - motherhouse fire (photo: motherhouse - 1888)

1946 - division of the Congregation into provinces


1951 – 2000

1963 - culmination of our expansion (photo: where we are today)

1981 - approval of our Constitutions after Vat. II

1983 - first Associates (ASASVs)

1995 - end of provinces


2001 - Present

2006 - the College of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption (CNDA) is handed over to lay administration (photo: CNDA today)

2008 - inauguration of Sainte-Marie Pavilion

2009 - membership in UNANIMA Int.

2010 - closing of the house of foundation at St. Grégoire


Our Present

“Today as it was then, the Congregation finds its inspiration and its support in the grace of its beginnings. There also, it renews its faith in divine Providence, relying upon the fidelity of the Spirit to keep alive the charism of faith and charity that characterizes its history.”

– Constitutions, no. 3


In the associates, men and women respond to the call to live their baptism according to the charism and spirituality of the Sisters of the Assumption. In response to this call, associates strive to embody the charism of charity and trust in Divine Providence.  We have about 200 associate members in Canada, the United States, Japan, Brazil and Ecuador.

As source of light along life’s journey, associates and sisters embrace an ever-deepening spirituality of hope rooted in the Mystery of the Assumption.  With Mary, woman of faith and courageous hope, they set their hearts on Gospel living while furthering the charism and the mission to reveal God’s love in the context of their own lives.” – By the Light of the Charism, p. 7

In Loving Memory

Let us remember in prayer our dear sisters who have gone to eternal rest and now intercede for us.


Updates on the energy flowing throughout the Congregation

Chapter 2021

Our Chapter theme calls us to live as One Heart Ablaze with Hope!

House of Prayer

A place to pray and rest in the silence, founded and facilitated by the Sisters of the Assumption