• COMMUNITY SHIELD of the Sisters
    of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

RESPICE STELLAM, VOCA MARIAM, the Latin motto defines the nature of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin: a Marian Congregation. The proclamation, EUNTES ERGO OMNES GENTES, states its field of action: teaching.

MARIAN Congregation
The rosary beads illustrate the Marian character of the Congregation, expressed also by the color of the background of the shield: azure.

Congregation of the ASSUMPTION
The silver comet, a band that seems to cross the azure background of the shield, symbolizes the mystery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

TEACHING Congregation
The two crossed flames behind the shield indicate the noble call to teach.

MISSIONARY Congregation
The cross, bearing the colors of the human races - white, black, yellow, red, brown - is the answer to Christ's gospel call « Go and teach all nations ».

(Drouin Institute)