• The DNA of the Congregation
  • Who are you, Sisters of the Assumption?
  • How can we recognize you?
  • What family spirit distinguishes you?

To respond to these questions is to speak to you about:

  • our identity
  • our Constitutions
  • our charism
  • our spirituality
With St. Paul who proclaims: « Our glory is in the cross » Gal. 6:14 we too identify with Jesus.

This cross, designed by Sr. Jeanne Vanasse speaks of our attachment to Jesus and our desire to follow Him.


1. For an Evangelical Lifestyle
This is the title of our Constitutions. They were renewed in the spirit of the second Vatican council in 1981. Sister Alice Migneault was the principal author. English translator was Sister Rolande St. Jean.
2. Assumption and Paschal mystery Const. art. 4
The mystery of the Assumption is proposed to our faith as a living exemplar of the ultimate accomplishment to which God, Father and Providence, leads humankind in and through Christ. Hence, the contemplation of this mystery- wellspring of hope and spiritual dynamism- is a constant reminder of the fulfillment of being unto which the Lord redeemed us. For us, this mystery is indissolubly linked to the Paschal Mystery.
3. Mary Const. art. 5
With Mary, stake all on God to reveal love through education.
4. Poverty and Providence Const. art. 18
Mary helps us to accept our insecurities and, in filial faith and hope to trust in God's unfailing Providence. Bound by an ever-closer relationship with the Essential Being, we will then be in a position to manifest in today's world a genuine solidarity with the poor and by the simplicity of our lifestyle exercise the prophetic function of religious poverty.
5. Ecclesial mission
Const. art. 37- 38
As a living cell within the Church, the Congregation carries on the apostolic purpose of the founders: the Christian education of the people of God, with special concern for the poor. Thus, it contributes to the development of the human community and to spread the faith. Furthermore, the Congregation remains particularly attentive to the appeals of the Church to help people of other civilizations to discover Jesus Christ, each within its own cultural context.
6. Prayer life
Const. art. 23
Prayer is a response to the gratuitous call of the Father who invites us through his Son Jesus to live in His loving presence.
7. Charity Const. art. 33
Charity has always been considered the hallmark of the Congregation. In an atmosphere of trust, it is expressed in concrete attitudes: attentiveness, sympathetic understanding of individual differences, mutual help, reciprocal forgiveness, sincerity, discretion, considerateness and cheerfulness.