• Origins


We are a Congregation of women religious founded in 1853 in St. Gregoire-le-Grand, Quebec, Canada. A majority of the population of this village were Acadian immigrants who arrived after the « Great Deportation » of 1755. Through a fortunate coincidence at the time of our foundation, Bishop Cooke from Trois-Rivieres gave us the name: Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, the patroness of the Acadians.

Original founders

Jean Harper, Parish pastor

« With my eyes closed tightly, I cast myself into the arms of Divine Providence resolved to do all that I possibly can, to embrace God's will »

Calixte Marquis, Vicar

« We don't need to search elsewhere, we have all that we need here to found a Congregation »

Leocadie Bourgeois, Mere de l'Assomption

« Let us serve God wholeheartedly, my Sisters, at death that is all that will remain »
(deceased at 27 years old)

Mathilde Leduc, Mere Sainte-Marie

« The remembrance of her humble, sacrificial, silent and recollected, regular and fervent lifestyle will be for us an eloquent sermon. »
(Mere Saint Jean-l'Evangeliste)

Hedwidge Buisson, Mere Saint-Joseph

« Her soul and spirit were open to noble and generous deeds; her charity was universal, her trust in God was unshakeable; her simplicity concealed deep and rare qualities of heart and spirit. »

Julie Heon, Mere-de-Jesus

« She was a saint according to her own lifestyle: a humble saint, she led a hidden life »
(Sr. St-Athanase)

Historical dates of remembering

  • 1853 -founding at St. Gregoire
  • 1858 -death of Mere de l'Assomption
  • 1869 -death of Jean Harper
  • 1872 -transfer of the Congregation to Nicolet
  • 1902 -death of Mere St. Joseph
  • 1906 -fire at the Motherhouse
  • 1946 -establishment of provinces
  • 1963 -end of our expansion phase
  • 1981 -approbation of our revised Constitutions
  • 1983 -a new reality: Associates members
  • 1995 -end of provinces
  • 2006 -CNDA handed over to total lay administration
  • 2008 -inauguration of Sainte -Marie Pavilion
  • 2009 -transfer of the incinerated heart of our founder
  • 2009 -membership in UNANIMA (UNO)
  • 2010 -closing of the house of foundation at St. Gregoire

From yesterday to today

As with many Congregations, ours too finds itself facing the reality of aging and reduced membership. We hold a vision that impels us toward new horizons. Our hope roots itself in what we have sown through the grace of the Divine Sower and in how our charism continues to incarnate itself as it did in the past.

An emerging pathway, the SASV Associates

Even if the reality of « associates » is as ancient as the reality of the Congregations to which they attach themselves, for over thirty years now, we have witnessed an explosion of this phenomenon. Women and men have responded to a call to live their Baptism in communion with the charism and spirituality of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Over 390 members including 40 aspirants have joined us in Canada, the USA, Japan, Brazil and Ecuador.


Contact person
Mrs. Christine Milner