• Our actual commitments

Live on our planet, live within our house

                    An ecologically constructed house
                    A beautiful house---the arts
                    A house opening onto the world---social justice

Rooted in the earth
Gazing toward the Morning Star
Sharing one creed and one Spirit,
Our Congregation is engaged in multiple and diverse ministries and activities.
An artist communicates easily with a social worker because of a common vision.
« Create upon this earth, an immense garden...never destroy the earth's beauty. » Luc Plamondon
We roll up our sleeves!
« Let us become artisans of the 8th day. » Hubert Reeves
This is our challenge at the beginning of the third millennium.

An ecologically oriented house

In 2005, facing the need to establish a long-term care facility of seventy-five beds the Congregation in fidelity to the ecological directions of our mission statement of 2000 opted for an ecological solution in the architectural design and realization of this facility. The choice was a geothermic construction according to the LEED philosophy (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the 3 R's: reuse, recycle, and reduce.

This type of construction aims to be in harmony with the environment, to utilize the sun as renewable energy, to combine aeration, (heating, and climate control) and to recuperate water and light energy.

This construction necessitated the installation of 88 geothermic wells of 125- meter depth and the installation of radiant heat.

En 2008, at the end of the construction, the Genivar Firm received the LEONARD Visionary Prize of Quebec. A plaque of remembrance was given to the Congregation.

A first for a religious congregation.
Because of her ecological choices, the Congregation having contributed to the reduction of hazardous GES was granted carbon credits by l' “Association quebecoise pour la maitrise de l'energie”. One carbon credit equals a ton of CO2. After all measures of evaluations, the Congregation was able to sell these credits to other companies who have promised to reduce their carbon emissions of GES and who are lacking resources at this moment. According to an article by Mr. Marc Rochette in the Nouvelliste 4/11 this transaction will return $127,000 by 2017, which equals 16,747 tons of CO2