• Our actual commitments

Academic setting

Five SASV's witness to their commitment to education in an academic setting

Cecile Larocque

Ontario, Canada
Diocese of Timmins

In 2000, I was awarded a doctorate in philosophy (education) from the University of Ottawa. My dissertation was entitled: The Professionalizing of Academic Education: An Ethical Perspective

The rich thinking of Emmanuel Mounier anchored the theoretical perspectives that led toward an elaboration of an ethic of service appropriate to educators and education. The research that informed this process continues to impact my life.

Because of my research with numerous ethical models, I can recognize more easily models that inform political discourse, economic exchanges, educational decisions and ecclesial debates. Enlightened by these models I can support or question the projects that flow from such interchanges. I am much more able to understand what is at stake and to clearly express myself when I find myself called to do so.

This journey has allowed me to appreciate even more the vastness of my/our educational ministry as an SASV, that is, to consecrate the best of who I am so that others may become persons who are fully alive.

Judith Curley, Jeanne Frechette, Rumiko Shibutani

Lowell, MA. USA
Archdiocese of Boston

From left to right, Sisters Judith Curley,
Rumiko Shibutami,
Jeanne Frechette

On September 3 1907, the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin opened the doors of St. Louis School. Ever since then, our educational mission of revealing God's love has been embraced here in partnership with generations of dedicated faith filled people of God.

Inspired by our Assumption spirituality of hope and by the living legacy of those who have ministered before us, we continue to serve as women religious called to that same love.

We do so with a passion for educating and shaping the minds and hearts of those children entrusted to our care. In a spirit of deep trust in the God of Providence we constantly seek new and creative ways of addressing the challenges of the times, challenges which include the ever changing demographics of this school community and surrounding neighborhoods. Evolving through the years from a Catholic Franco-American parochial school, we now serve a multi-ethnic, inter-faith population whose varied cultures and traditions invite us all to a widening vision of our mission in today's world and to a deeper appreciation for the richness found in diversity.

In the present, Sr. Jeanne creatively guides kindergarteners in discovering their gifts and in reaching their fullest potential. Sr. Rumiko engages all students in developing a love for music and the arts. This love awakens the soul and lifts it to a beauty within and around them. Sr. Judy offers new ways of strengthening and nurturing Christ-centered inclusive school communities imbued with Gospel values and characterized by an outreach of faith and service to others. Together we open doors of hope leading to ever-new pathways and possibilities.

Kazuko Onodera

Saitama, Japan
Dioceses of Sendai and Saitama

I am the administrative director of the Akenohosi Corporation, meaning MORNING STAR. The campus established in 1937 stretches from the north to the south of the main island of Japan comprising academic institution in Aomori, Hirosaki and Urawa (approximately 2,000 students ranging in age from 3 years old to 20 years old). Our institutions include the following: three pre-schools and kindergartens, two junior high schools and high schools for young women and a junior college. I minister in partnership with professors as well as school personnel and in dialogue with parents.

The motto of our schools is SE-JO-WA, which means right relationships, purity, harmony. Our goal is to form students in wholeness of body and spirit and to provide holistic education that allows them to become fully engaged in the becoming productive members of today's society.

As Sisters of the Assumption we inherit the richness of Christianity in a world and culture that is 98% non- Christian. I often sing to myself our mission statement found in our Constitutions, our way of life: “With Mary, stake all on God to reveal love in education”. Yes, let us say to all young people that God loves them.